Buying and Cracking

Buying Pecans

We buy all types of pecans for the highest prices in Middle Georgia! We can pay higher prices because we export directly to our own customers in China. Other buying points sell to several middle men before the nuts reach their final consumer. We can buy any quantity, from a grocery sack up to a truck load.

Cracking Pecans

We crack your pecans with a pneumatic “Savage” pecan cracker.  The machine can handle up to 400 nuts per minute!  So you will be in and out before you can say “pecan pie!”.  This state of the art cracker blasts the shell off of the meat, so when you get home your job is more sorting than actually shelling.

Call ahead for a price estimate on your pecans.

Monday-Saturday from 9:00am – 5:00pm
phone: 478-783-3939